What Parents Are Saying

hot shots soccer on youtube“I totally enjoyed the program. I saw a remarkable change in my daughter from someone who is extremely shy to volunteering to be introduced by Week Three!”

“It’s amazing to see how much my girls have improved from year to year!”

“We as parents appreciated the strong (focus on) positive self-image. We saw our daughters become more confident in their playing skills — less intimidated.”

“We loved the fun and different ways the kids are encouraged to learn the soccer moves (puppets on poles, parachutes, pillow fights, stamps, etc.).”

“My daugher felt good about herself!”

“There’s always nice people who don’t yell at you if you make a mistake! It taught me never to give up!” — A Hot Shots girl

“The coaching staff, especially the middle and high school girl role models, are AWESOME! And the international coaches were terrific!”

hot shots soccer on youtube“My daughter loves it, and it’s her special time with her Daddy!”

“It was my daughter’s first experience with soccer. After her first session, she said ‘I’m not good at it.’ But by the third session, her confidence and enthusiasm had grown significantly.”

“I love the connection John (the coach) made between trying hard at soccer and trying hard at school! I love the Hot Shots song, the introduction of the girls in front of the group, learning specific skills, and the older girls helping!”

“The mood was always upbeat and positive.”

“We loved many things. 1. The cost is VERY reasonable; 2. The energy of the coach; 3. The creativity to get the girls to do the drills; 4. No lines or waiting around; 5. Allowing the girls to introduce themselves.”

“We liked that it was not competitive and that it worked to help the girls build self-esteem.”

“We loved the positive atmosphere and commitment to the girls, also the one-to-one time with my daughter.”

“The class is upbeat, fun, and focused on character and fun above skill level, even though the kids are learning! THAT is a rare thing!”

hot shots soccer on youtube“The girls all have a great time learning new skills at their own pace with NO pressure!”

“Girl Power! We loved the fun soccer drills, the enthusiasm, the environment. It’s very positive. Brooke LIVED for Hot Shots!”

“We love the program (a positive, fun environment for girls to be involved in sports), and think you provide a truly invaluable service to girls, fitness, and the South Shore!!”

“Hot Shots is an amazing experience for daughters AND parents!”

“We enjoyed the individual attention the girls received.”

“Thank you SOOO much for pressing the importance of teamwork, belief in yourself and your friends, and always doing your best! God bless you!”

“We have participated for 3 years. It is one of the best girl-focused programs we do! Well done! It’s a positive program in a friendly, non-competitive environment.”

“This was one of the greatest things I’ve ever been involved in. You and your instructors are very kind and dedicated! I love the way Hot Shots increases girls’ self-esteem in a fun way. The life lessons are great!”

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hot shots soccer on youtube
hot shots soccer on youtube